VIBRONAV - vibroacoustic device navigation research-initiative of the AGH University, Krakow, Poland (Prof. Michael Friebe, PhD) and JLU, Giessen, Germany (Prof. Gabriele Krombach, MD)



"The goal is not to just DIGITIZE, but to create better MEDICINE."


"Joint and interdisciplinary research between clinicians and engineers with a clear purpose is the key to translation."


Error-free medicine


Integrate novel sensing


vibroacoustic tissue device information as a base for improved guidance


OPUS LAP -- German DFG / Polish NCN joint research
Engineering / Sensor / AI expertise from AGH University of Science and Technology and Clinical Expertise, Workflow optimisation, UX design from JLU - Justus Liebig University
01.2023 - 12.2025
Total research budget - approx. € 700.000
Goal: Develop an advanced audio-enabled support system and technique for needle guidance in vascular punctures as a preparation or start of interventional radiological procedures (catheters). Novel audio sensors and advanced signal analysis techniques will be combined to extract and characterize clinically relevant features within a vibroacoustic sensing setup.


Finish research proposal by Dec. 15 2021 - DONE
First student thesis projects Winter Semester 2022 - SEARCH FOR CANDIDATES - DONE
First PhD Student hired January 2023, Team Building, ... - DONE
Office and Lab Space identified and equipped - March 2023 - DONE (Building D2 Room 212 - really nice - we may need to move in September 2024 though)
First Conference Paper submitted - JANUARY 2023 — CARS CONFERENCE IN MUNICH - DONE plus a Conference paper to BMT
Setup lab research - DONE
First peer reviewed research journal papers published Q1 2023 - DONE
5 conference and Journal papers published by Q1 2024 - DONE (total of 8)
Setup with Robotic Arm (Ultrasound) and Audio Sensing completed - by Q2 2024
Novel concept for Audio Tissue Signal evaluation for interventional therapy application - by Q4 2024


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Department of Department of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering (Head: Prof. Piotr Augustyniak), AGH Kraków, Poland; Katarzyna Heryan, Prof. Michael Friebe
Interventional Radiology Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen, Germany; Prof. Gabriele Krombach

Healtheconomics and Entrepreneurial Validation through the FOM University of Applied Sciences, Center for Innovation, Business Development & Entrepreneurship, Essen, Germany (;

Technical Support through SURAG GmbH, Magdeburg, Germany ( - Axel Boese and Alfredo Illanes);

info [at] vibronav [dot] com